Ice Arena Interesting and Fun Facts:

1: The first US mechanically refrigerated ice rink was built by Thomas Rankin for Madison Square Garden. (Source: Vintage Minnesota Hockey)

2: The Boston Bruins was the first hockey team to use a Zamboni. The Zambonis were created by namesake Frank Zamboni. Now there are other manufacturers, but they are all called the brand name “Zambonis,” like Coca-Cola or Botox.

3: You’re not melting the ice with your blades. Ice actually develops a microscopic film of water over its surface, allowing you to glide across it with your blades (Source: Vox)

4. How much ice is on the average ice sheet? Ideal ice thickness is between 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ to provide a quality sheet of ice for all user groups.

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