About Us

What is MIAMA

MIAMA is the Minnesota Ice Arena Manager’s Association. Founded in 1975, it is a volunteer organization of arena managers and related vendors throughout Minnesota, other states and Canada.

MIAMA provides communication and support systems for arenas, arena managers and staff to better face issues within the industry.

History of MIAMA

MIAMA began in 1970 and our original name was MIAA or Metro Area Ice Arena Association. The very first meeting was on March 23, 1970. The initial meeting included six arenas – Columbia, Roseville, Wakota, Aldrich, Williams (now Mariucci) and Drake (at SPA). John Rossi of Columbia Arena was the first president and the membership dues were $8 per year.

The original Association was formed for the benefit of ice arenas in the Twin Cities metro area. In 1970 the average ice rental was about $35-$40 per hour. This organization was essentially disbanded and reborn in 1975 with the same name but a different goal.

The new goal was to reach out to more metro rinks and eventually contact the out-of-state ice arenas. MIAMA recognizes 1975 as the first year of the current association.

In 1978 , MIAA changed its name to our present acronym, MIAMA. Through the late 70’s and early 80’s the association grew steadily. In 1981 there were about 55 member arenas in MIAMA. In the late 1980’s and continuing to the present, the surge in arena and community center construction helped add additional members to our organization. In 2022 we have 104 Minnesota members and 4 out-of-state members and 9 organizations/associations.

In addition we have 45 vendor members. Vendor members are companies that sell or represent all facets of Ice Arena/Community Center operations, maintenance and management. Beginning in 1970 and continuing to this day, our association was, and is, intended to be a resource for information pertaining to ice arena operations.

Through annual surveys, conferences, the newsletter and Web site, MIAMA provides numerous avenues of support for the constantly changing and growing business.